Evaluation Part 2

How does your media product represent particular social groups?



Here’s a collage that I created of typical representations of women in the media generally. In most thriller films there is a victim and they predominantly tend to be a female character.  The media presents females to be defenseless and as the weaker gender.


The mentally disturbed female character in our thriller opening was stereo-typically presented as powerless. This was presented through her writing ‘help!’ on the dressing table mirror. We used a female character to play the role of the victim as society represents women as weaker gender and therefore not as much sympathy would be given towards the victim if we chose to have a male victim.


Females are also presented to have a passion for make-up even at a young age. We presented this through the female character who only remembers back to her younger days which only consists of her putting makeup on herself. Furthermore, presenting the idea that all that females think about is makeup and the idea that the character is weak


The victims body language in this shot presents how innocent and defenseless she is. In typical thriller films we are presented with the idea that women are  defenseless and tend to lose when it comes to trying to defend themselves from a kidnapper or a killer. This became evident in a number of thriller films such as Psycho, Taken, Scream and many more.

Her body language contrasts from she is putting on makeup to after she is done.  She looks confident as she is applying her makeup and comes across as intimidating and scary. This switches at the end as her body language changes to frightened. This develops the idea of females always being innocent and weak as the audience were made to feel frightened of this mentally unstable woman.


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