Filming Day 2

Again our group assembled with the equipment after school to the same music room. It was difficult to assure that all the props were in the exact same place as it was yesterday to keep up the continuity editing. This took roughly 10 minutes whilst I went to Miss Warner’s office to ask her whether she was ready for us to film her. She told us she will be there in couple of minutes so myself and the group assured that all the equipment was in the correct place ready to film as soon as she approached. As Miss Warner came into the music room we explained to her what she is required to do. She sat down as I was filming her from behind to capture an over the shoulder shot which was difficult to do without capturing the mirror in the back. Once I was able to do this, with the help of the group who helped move the camera at an angle, it all was coming together as the shot by shot list was effectively guiding what steps to do next. Miss Warner very helpfully was giving new ideas and what she could do in order to make the thriller even better than it was and our group were open to listening to it. After we completely finished filming. We briefly discussed what there is yet outstanding to be filmed which was the flashback scene to when she is being kidnapped. The group decided that not many people would be required for this scene but one camera person and the teenage actor and Nabila who was also starring in it.

Overall, there were not any problems that occurred during the filming scene and it flowed well due to Miss Warner being there to guide and give tips to us when in confusion.


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