Filming Day 1

After being told what times it would be appropriate for our group to film. Myself and the group headed down to the music room after school with the HD camera and the tripod alongside the props such as the mirror, makeup, musical ballerina box and table cloth. Amrit set up the table which would be filmed whilst the rest fixed the camera and the light so that the dark, scary lighting was perfect. We decided that we would film the teenage girl dressing up in front of the mirror first. Molly sat down whilst the cinematographer- Amrit set up the shot starting from over the shoulder shot to the reaction shot from the mirror. The shots and filming went well and according to the shot by shot list. Although there were some difficulties with getting the perfect lighting from time to time as it either turned too dark that it was difficult to see or it was too light that the ‘scary location’ element was being prevented.

One problem that occurred on the first day was the camera itself! The group were just struggling to get  a grip as to how to use it and it took some time to get use to it.


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