Constraints, initial ideas, decision making and proposal

For the thriller opening, I had initially thought of couple of idea’s which I will be sharing with you guys. I came up with these by starting off by asking myself ‘What actually scared me?’ I did this in order to try and relate to something that I feel passionately about and therefore would be able to grasp the element and get the best outcome out of it. What I did not however want to do is create cliché thriller that we’ve seen and heard about a thousand times ‘kidnapping scene by a scary man’ NO, I was thinking more like something new, fresh and out of the box. This massively influenced my idea. It’s amusing to some but yes, as you’ve read in a previous post if you remember, I am scared of OLD WOMEN. Something about them just sends chills down my spine. So I told the girls about basing our thriller on something related to an old woman, at first they did not seem too intrigued but as I began to develop the idea they began to throw in a few extra details further improving our thriller idea.

Another idea in which myself and my group were enticed by was influenced by our class teacher handing out a piece of equipment onto the table and us as a group having to come up with a thriller opening idea based around that item. Myself and the girls were given celotape, we immediately thought of a murder that sticks people up against the wall until they suffocate. This idea we thought could have been because of a psychological trauma that murderer faced as a child and there was a deeper meaning behind the celotape itself. But for me at this point, the idea just wasn’t thrilling enough at this point and predictably enough I thought to juice up the thriller story-line, the murder should be old, innocent looking women. Leaving how she taped these people in such a violent manner up against the wall a mystery. I pictured the old woman’s face to remain a mystery and only the back of her ‘innocent’ self always being presented to the audience with that black and white tint would do the trick. It just makes everything seem so much more surreal and dangerous and above all mysterious:



So my idea of the initial thriller opening scene was based around that of SE7EN, having a very suspense filled thriller by using one of Hitcock’s techniques of building suspense through objects. It would be an old woman’s hand at work, ripping celotape and cutting out victim children who she will be after next. I further developed this idea by suggesting the sound affects of an old woman speaking a foreign language and cackles in the background. The thought of that traumatised me and that’s the exact effect I was looking to create through our thriller opening.

Okay so our final idea for the thriller opening was based around an old woman but after discussing our opening plan with our teacher, she explained how a kidnapping scenario is too cliché and nearly all of the groups were choosing kidnap based stories. She told us to change up the story line a little but she liked the idea of the old woman so to keep that element of the story. We came up with an old woman who has been kidnapped at a young age and kept in that room ever since and has become mentally unstable. That woman is stuck on what she last did as that little girl. She violently puts on makeup in front of the mirror and there are flashbacks of when she was being kidnapped and when she was putting on makeup as a young girl.



To film our thriller opening, we had to come up with a suitable location which was also available to use. Our group thought of many locations where we could have filmed which were all located out of school and was difficult to film whilst it was available. We then began to think of places that we could use which were located inside of the school. The only available and most convenient place to film was in an empty music room in the drama department. I chose this location to film the scene’s where the character is left over time after being kidnapped.


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