Thrillers Posters

In this part of my blog, I’ll be looking at film posters and analysing them. This could inspire the theme for our thriller opening indicating what would catch the attention of thriller audiences. Film posters play a vital role in advertising and are used widely to hint at the genre and mainly to convey emotion and grab the audiences attention. ‘Unanimated pictures aren’t scary!’ Well, sometimes it does it’s job better than the real thing! Take a look at this poster and you might get a better idea

final destination

This is one of my favourite thriller poster which catches the attention of the audience without a shadow of doubt. Firstly, when I first looked at this poster I immediately looked at the contrast in the faces between the female face in the top half of the face and a skull’s mouth in the second half. The face was pale white which contrasted to the background of the poster which is a fade of black and blues. Black usually signifies evil and darkness. The colour blue signifies sorrow and sadness. The combination of the two makes the audience feel as though there is a sense of sadness and depression caused by evil and darkness. This is simply done through the colours of the poster. The pale white face indicates illness and poor well-being. If the audience sum up the contrasting coloured imagery, they are made to understand the horrific implications of what the poster is portraying.

Although the thriller posters are aimed to catch the audiences attention in a horrifying way, by making the poster too graphic it causes problems as audience may not enjoy the thrill of the poster but rather feel uncomfortable and uneasy due to the poster. Take for example the other Final Destination poster, oh it was graphic and caught the attention of the audience alright… but was not a success.

final destination banned

This poster was banned according to ‘The Guardian’

‘Complaints from parents that the violent image had made their children cry’

We understand that a thriller poster must catch the attention of the audience in an effective way by assuring it’s what the audience perceive to be scary and what the audience are drawn in by rather than something which they perceive to be too graphic and scary.

Another poster which in fact drew me in the most was ‘The Devil Inside’  Take a look at the poster below-


The reason this picture drew me in the most is due to the innocence that a nun brings and the eyes are devilish and pale. The contrast between innocence and evil draws in the audiences attention. Furthermore the flash of red at the corner of the poster also caught my attention as red indicates blood and danger. The subheading of

‘No soul is safe’

Sends chills down my spin as the poster is indicating not even the holiest of people such as nuns are safe so others have no chance of ‘escaping from the devil’. The close up shot of the woman makes the audience feel uncomfortable as it is very close and the glare of the eyes makes the audience feel uneasy. The heading of ‘based on real events’ makes it even more scarier as the audience are being made aware that these events do take actually take place and are not just non-fictional.

A similar thriller poster which also has a similar affect is ‘The Eye’. The poster is below-


This caught my eye  due to the pale imagery of Jessica Alba. The colours in this image


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