Initial Research Part 3- Favourite Thrillers and What Scares Me

Now in order for me (and my group) to create the best thriller opening possible I have to be able to relate to the audience well to a certain extent anyway. This can only be done by starting off with what actually scare me. Well there are quite a few things that scare me, although they are err, let’s say a unique list of things, they send chills down my spine nevertheless. Nice, Old woman. Might sound crazy but hey, they scare me.. alot especially when they are waaay too nice, suspiciously nice I instantly step away as I feel as though they have a ‘plan’ to plot against me or that they want to kidnap me into their small little houses. It might sound crazy now but think about it, it’s when someones too nice you begin to call it somewhat suspicious and Old women are the nicest. Okay, another thing that frightens the life out of me is SMALL SPACES! Now that’s probably something that more would be able to relate to.. but the idea of small spaces is making me weak and breathe heavy believe it or not.. Yes I am claustrophobic. Me on a crowded train is intense, lifts are out of the picture.   If you were to ask me what is the worst case scenario which is the death of you, I would say being buried alive! And Finally the sound of small children crying at nighttime.. especially when there is no child around that you know of. Okay that’s just poor torture. 

old women

small spaces

My favorite thriller film has got to be Scream simply because of the suspense it builds throughout the film and the way it leaves the audience at the edge of their seats at all times by taking the audience one step forward into finding out who the killer is and then takes the audience two steps back in figuring out the true identity of the killer. scream-movie-poster-1996-1020210509This movie had me shaking as you never know what could be around the corner and who is the next victim and you never know whether they are actually the victim or the suspect! The fact that this film makes the audience feel paranoid as to who the suspect is creates tension and anxiety in itself. The film also shows the violent, grouse killing scenes which immediately sent chills down my spine as it did not just happen once but throughout the film which is another reason audience are forced to stay at the edge of their seats as a violent killing scene could take place any minute and happens unexpectedly.

Great thrillers tend to have a great plot twist. And this movie provides arguably the greatest cinematic twists of all time. The Usual Suspects is another one of my favorite thriller films. The movie plays with the narrative and starts off  as a classic ‘who did it?’ thriller. Kevin Spacey’s performance adds to this thriller and kept me in enthralled throughout.  *SPOILER ALERT* The final scene as the audience find out that Verbal Kint was Keyser Soze all along! The movie proved that “The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn’t exist”.

usual suspects


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